Research Interests

My research interests are a blend of computer science theory and complex systems. My work has focused on the development of algorithmic trading strategies, understanding the structure of financial markets, and using formal verification techniques in software defined networks.

Professional Activity

I'm supported by a graduate teaching assistantship, and currently TA for intro to web design. I co-own Research and Development, LLC with David Dewhurst, a fellow graduate student at UVM and applied math expert. We specialize in big data, computer security, event prediction, and financial analytics consulting and methodology. Previously I worked as a software engineering intern at Lord Sensing - Microstrain.


I am a member of the Computational Story Lab research group, which is headed by two of my advisers, Chris Danforth and Peter Dodds. Additionally I am a member of a computer security research group run by my adviser Chris Skalka. In my most recent project along with co-conspirators David Dewhurst and Colin Van Oort used genetic programming to evolve options trading strategies. The project may be viewed here.